MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP

From 'Hub' to 'Group'; growing hand in hand with the Global Community.

Integral to our mission to empower global communities, MasterHand Learning Asia Pacific LLP is keen to develop further contacts with educational institutions overseas. With the support from our partners and following extensive research, teacher training and exploration by our team of dedicated teachers and consultants, we have emerged as an international organisation at the forefront of innovation in bilingual language education.

For the past 3 years, MasterHand has been offering cross-cultural exchange programmes and bilingual enrichment to overseas clients. From 2010, we will expand our network in the international education arena, by opening a new MasterHand branch: MasterHand Learning (China) LLP in Jiangsu Province, China. Our focus here will be to provide consultancy in the establishment and development of bilingual syllabuses for international kindergartens and schools in the PRC.

With expansion plans in the pipeline on both local and regional scales in China and Indonesia, we will create abundant enrichment opportunities for the international community with new bilingual programmes, new immersion experiences, new teaching spaces and new collaborative projects. These projects will also help to consolidate our expansion from a local language hub to an international language group.

If you are interested to find out more about our integrated language programmes or need expert advise in the development of language enrichment in your school, please fill out an online enquiry form on the contact us page and our consultants will be in touch shortly.

Overseas Bilingual Programmes

China 2010 - 2012
International Kindergarten - Jiangsu Province

Watch out for the soft launch of our new branch; MasterHand Learning (China) LLP in Jiangsu Province Summer 2010. This will be a base for the training and development of bilingual enrichment for kindergartens and primary schools in the region. The expansion will also coincide with the beginning of some exciting projects where a group of native English and bilingual teachers will be teaching our popular MasterHand integrated bilingual enrichment programmes to children in Jiangsu kindergartens and schools. Further updates will appear online in the news and updates section soon.

Overseas Enrichment Tours & Immersion

Borneo Safari (Yr End) 2010
Biology & Geography Field Trip

Our Annual Immersion Programme is back bigger and better than ever!
This year we shall be taking a team of families to the idyllic rural retreat of Borneo Malaysia to enjoy an amazing river safari.

It will be another exciting outdoors adventure programme, where families will enjoy interactive hands-on learning experiences and get up close and personal to animals and nature.

During this trip families will also learn about Malaysia's diverse indigenous cultures and people as they explore the rural interior of Borneo's majestic rainforests by boat and stay in an authentic long house. The trip will focus on the abundance of wildlife and diverse ecosystems and there will be a chance to visit an orangutan sanctuary.

Further updates will appear online soon.
Limited places!! - if you are keen to register your interest now please contact Jennifer directly.

Beijing 2008 (CHINESE)
Chinese Language Education Exchange

This immersion programme was in conjunction with our friends from Beijing Normal University. For a week, those children who joined us for the trip experienced Chinese Education in an authentic Chinese classroom and had the chance to interact with local students. Since this programme we have strengthened our relationship with the university and shall be offering further immersion opportunities in the future.

Melbourne 2009 (ENGLISH)
English Language Cultural Tour - Australia Farm Stay

This programme was a unique opportunity for children of all ages to enjoy a hands-on outdoor learning experience with their parents, as they discovered the values of Aborigine people and modern day Australian culture. The tour featured a four day farm stay in the great outdoors, campfire survival training and interactive outdoor workshops. The main focus here was the application and development of language, communication, team spirit and leadership skills.

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Overseas Bridging Workshops

Singapore - 2008 (MATHEMATICS)
Asean Bridging Course For MOE Scholarship Holders

In an intensive 60 hr programme over 3 weeks, lead by our Secondary Math Teacher Mr Lim Khia Kiam, 80 students from a handful of Asean nations came to Singapore for additional Sec 2 Math syllabus enrichment. The aim of this international workshop was to bring the neglected level of the Mathematics students on par with the local standard, so that they could continue with additional Elementary Math in Secondary 3.

Sarawak & The Philippines - 2006/7/9 (DRAMA)
Panda + Kung Fu Drama/ Music Workshop

Our Senior English Speech and Drama Instructor - James Browning has been experimenting and developing exciting drama and oral communication techniques in voluntary teaching work in Malaysia and the Philippines. What is now the successful dramatic literature based Panda + Kung Fu and The Giant Series multi-sensorial workshops have made their debut in these wonderful countries. Our links with schools in Manila are growing and will likely culminate in a new immersion programme in 2011.

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