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Events & Marketing

Welcome to MasterHand Marketing & Events. Please follow the links below to browse through our department and check out the various events and monthly highlights throughout the year.

At MasterHand we are pleased to provide students and clients with a one-stop solution to their education needs. We offer a range of services including education events to ensure that your child's important milestone achievements are marked and celebrated every step of the way.

The purpose of a MasterHand event is to create meaningful collaboration between students, teachers and parents. We also strike to give recognition to our hard working students, as well as encourage parents to actively participate in the learning process of their children and enjoy their momentous accomplishments.

We thank all of our partners, students, parents and teachers for the continued support and we look forward to sharing many more wonderful memories in the years to come.

The Monthly Highlights



  1. MasterHand Enrichment (1 Year)
    • MasterHand English Speech & Drama
    • MasterHand Integrated Phonics
    • MasterHand Public Speaking
    • Chinese Speech & Drama
    • Hinyu Pinyin
    • Chinese Character
    • Integrated Chinese Arts
    • MasterHand International Arts Programmes
  2. Tuition For All Subjects from Primary to JC
  3. Student Care
  4. Kinderplay

MasterHand Teacher Training


Chinese New Year Party (EVENT)
Preparation for CA Examination


MasterHand Holiday Programme 14/3 - 18/3
CA Examination (Primary)
Prize Giving Ceremony For CA Students


Mid Year Student Assessment (English)
Mid Year Student Assessment (Chinese)
Preparation for SA Examination


SA1 (Primary)


MasterHand June Holiday Programme


FRIENDS OF THE WORLD Overseas English Holiday Workshop Tour (2 Months)


MasterHand International Arts Festival (EVENT)
MasterHand Student Exchange
Preparation for CA2 Exams


Teacher's Day
Exam Fever
CA2 Exams
Join us as we make the final study preparation for those important exams.


Children's Day PSLE Examinations
Halloween Party


SA 2 Examinations
O Level Examinations
Graduation (EVENT)
Performers of the Year & Prize Giving


Year End Overseas Tour (Bilingual)
MasterHand Christmas Holiday Programme*
MasterHand Christmas & Year End Party (EVENT)

Latest News

August 2014

MasterHand English Teacher Training

MasterHand welcomes a second batch of teachers from Emerald Preschool House for Bilingual Teacher Training. During this programme, the teachers underwent intensive training for the revamped Pre-Foundation or Level 1 English Language Programme and gained skills in teaching music using a ukulele. The teachers also followed the MasterHand English teachers to the local workshops to get firsthand practical experience of preschool classes in Singapore.

January 2014

MasterHand (Singapore) Learning Hub

MasterHand has opened a new Learning Centre called MasterHand (Singapore) Learning Hub at Tanglin CC to reach out to families in the central catchment area with our exciting enrichment offering. Our new site acts as a teacher training facility, holiday programme venue, as well as a location for enrichment classes.

The open day for our new Centre was on December 28 2013. A big thank you to all the families that supported us. Well done also to those who took part in our interactive calligraphy workshop or participated in the Student-Parent Conference 2014.

August 2013

MasterHand English Teacher Training – China

Teacher Simin and Teacher James conducted the third round of Teacher Training with preschool teachers from Emerald Preschool House. The teachers studied specific modules related to the teaching of the intermediate A and B English Language Builder textbooks. Some of these modules included: Memory Training, VAK Teaching, Intermediate English Language, Music & Movement. All 17 teachers underwent both practical and theory assessment and passed the course with flying colours! Congratulations to the English Team at Emerald Preschool House. Your are awesome and we loved the classrooms!

May 2013

Mother's Day Event

MasterHand organized a Mother's Day event for Sengkang West Community during the Q & A with Dr. Lam Pin Min. During the event we engaged with the residents of Sengkang West through education workshop games and art and crafts. Children made their own Mother Day cards using finger painting and petals.

August 2012

Sekolah Indonesia Singapura Career Day

MasterHand ran an education booth at the Sekolah Indonesia Singapura during the annual Career Fair. The events team demonstrated the MasterHand interactive workshop learning style under the theme of Men in Black and CSI Detectives. The event was a hit with both students and parents interested in science subjects and for careers related to science and information technology. Kids were asked to solve a murder mystery by uncovering clues and examining evidence from interactive crime scenes. Stationary prizes were awarded for the winners.

January 2012

Early Education & Development Programme Open House in China

In collaboration with our client Zhi Ying Tong Early Learning Centre, MasterHand demonstrated the major components of the EED programme in an exclusive Open House event in Qing Dao, China to promote the new enrichment centre to the local families. This special event featured demonstration of Massage, Phonics and Music and Movement by MasterHand Teacher Trainers.

April 2011

We are moving! – MasterHand Student Development Centre

MasterHand is delighted to announce that we will be moving our business and HQ to our very own shop house at 713A East Coast Road.

Just a stone's throw from our previous location, this new centre has a larger space; will feature upgraded facilities for students and will be a high quality learning/ study environment.

Drop by today for a personal tour or call our customer service officers to find out more.

MasterHand Students' Open House

Don't miss our first Open House @ 713A East Coast Rd on Saturday 30th of April from 11am to 3pm.

We warmly welcome all parents and friends to attend the upcoming MasterHand Students' Open House and celebrate with us as we unveil our brand new learning space.


  • Taster enrichment lessons
  • Centre tour
  • Hot discounts on courses
  • Win MasterHand and Royals Vouchers
  • Fun with Magic Balloons
  • MasterHand Lucky Draw
  • Book Sale

March 2011

Congratulations to Emerald Pre-school House!

MasterHand is delighted to be part of the opening ceremony of a brand new state of the art preschool located in China's Zhangjiagang city – Jiangsu Province.

This occasion was attended by Teacher Joanna Portilla and Teacher James Browning. Our team duo were stationed there for one week conducting teacher training and marking the establishment of the MasterHand English Syllabus.

January 2011

MasterHand Integrated English Language Syllabus

Say hello to Little Johnny and Birdie!!

MasterHand English & Kinderplay Department collaboration will be developing a series of English Language textbooks from nursery to primary levels - entitled the English Language Builder Series.

The textbooks and workbooks in the series are an important English learning tool for preschool kids and children from non-English speaking countries or communities.

Featuring our new company mascot Little Johnny and his friend Birdie, the series of books are fun and imaginative and will help teachers and students navigate their way through the major English Language components such as Phonics, Basic Grammar, Vocabulary and conversational.

We are delighted to begin a working partnership with Emerald Pre-school House. The local teachers there will be introducing our English Language syllabus to the first batch of students in march 2011.

Textbook & Workbook 1 – (the first in the series) will be on sale in Singapore from May 2011.

MasterHand Integrated English Syllabus

The MasterHand Integrated English Syllabus is a comprehensive English Language programme for preschoolers and primary students created by both native and Singaporean teachers. The syllabus features an integration of major English Language components such as phonics, conversational, vocabulary and grammar, speech & drama and pre-writing and follows closely the language requirements as set out by the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

This programme includes a series of textbooks, workbooks and vocabulary flashcards and will provide schools with an international English education; where progressive and logical language development can be mastered at each level and quality teacher training and support will be available to guide local teachers using the programme.

About Textbook / Workbook 1 – Pre-foundation Level

The Language Builder Textbook 1 is an essential companion and learning guide for children from non-English speaking countries and communities. The first installment is written for beginners requiring a solid foundation in English. With fun visuals and characters and 5 exciting units, children can extend their vocabulary as they follow in the footsteps of Little Johnny and his friend Birdie and explore a variety of interesting topics:- Rise and Shine, Morning Routine, Get Going, At School and Bedtime.

Parents and teachers will find this book an important learning source as it encourages children to develop English speaking skills through the medium of conversation, songs and nursery rhymes.

MasterHand Holiday Programmes

The MasterHand Holiday Programmes are designed to entertain, energize and enrich your child during the festive holiday season. Our full weekday programmes run during the Christmas, March and June Summer Holiday periods - from 10am - 4pm and include drama workshops, creative art workshops, interactive enrichment games and storytelling, plus regular Care and Learn services. Each week features an exciting theme and an adventure excursion highlight, where students will gain a valuable hands-on learning experience.

Check online or in-house for the next holiday schedule and enroll your child early to enjoy the very best festive deals in Singapore.

MasterHand Christmas Holiday Programme 2014 5 Weeks from 17 November to 19 December

Join us this December as the MasterHand holiday programme team uncover the secrets of the tomb, inspired by the recent blockbuster movie Night at The Museum 3. Click on the posters below to find out more about the weekly adventures and programme highlights. With the usual subject enrichment, exciting themes and interactive workshops each week, children at MasterHand will be fully engaged throughout the holidays. MasterHand has also arranged an exciting excursion each week to promote outdoors learning and further enrichment on the subjects covered.

Week 1 is Science Week: Uncovering the Stone Age
Excursion: Thow Kwang Pottery

Week 2 is Chinese Week: Staging Chinese Opera
Excursion: Chinese Opera Teahouse

Week 3 is Math Week: Back to the Future
Excursion: Gardens by the Bay

Week 4 is English Week: Walking with Dinosaurs
Excursion: Botanical Gardens – Evolution Garden

Week 5 is Xmas Week: Christmas Bazaar
Excursion: Old Folks Home, Movie Screening

This years programme will culminate with a Christmas Bazaar where students will have the chance to make Christmas items and bake cookies to sell to each other and the general public. All the money made will be donated to the Old Folks Home during the final week, where students will be singing Christmas carols and performing selected items inspired by the topics explored.

Sign up early to enjoy the best package deals. We look forward to seeing your child participate during the festive period.

Lego Robotics Workshop June 2014

MasterHand Teacher Training - Are you the next apprentice?

MasterHand has invested resources in education research and collaborative in-house training schemes conducted by our teachers, instructors, free-lance artists and native language specialist trainers.

We have also experimented in the use of integrated language teaching models and have subsequently developed unique strategies to maximize the learning potential of our bilingual students and bring new ideas to our popular language enrichment.

Currently we are pleased to share our ideas and techniques to existing teachers or wannabe instructors. We are now offering 40hr part-time teacher training programmes in a variety of specialised areas with practical work experience included.

Programmes are conducted by experienced language professionals. Each candidate will be expected to sit a theory and practical examination at the end of the course and will be given a Teacher's Training Certificate following successful completion of exams and course work. Trainers may also be offered full time work opportunities within our organization.

  • MTFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language – for teaching
  • Integrated Phonics & Oral Communication for teachers (IPA )
  • English Literature & Creative Writing For Teachers
  • English, Speech & Drama Teaching Course
  • Chinese Hanyu Pinyin For Teachers
  • Chinese, Speech & Drama Course For Teachers

Please note that due to small class sizes, availability for a particular course maybe limited. Those interested, should fill out an online enquiry form stating clearly which course they would prefer.

Friends of The World Workshop Tour

Friends of the World is our overseas English Language Holiday Touring Camp for kindergarten and primary children hoping to gain a firm foundation in English Language (as a Foreign Language.)

In July and August 2010, the Friends of the World Holiday Camp made its debut run in Hai Men city Jiangsu Province in China. Our teachers had the opportunity to work with 2 kindergartens and a total of 73 children.

The team of 4 teachers from Singapore and United Kingdom combined their teaching artistry in a memorable collaboration. Through an integrated language approach which featured phonics, conversational English, speech and drama and performance arts, the children were exposed to a holistic learning experience and a progressive mastery of English speaking skills. The programme lasted 4 weeks and culminated in a dramatic stage performance of The Giant in The Community.

Congratulations to all teachers and students involved in the project and a special thanks to the staff at Children's Palace Kindergarten and Dong Zhou Kindergarten for their superb hospitality and support during the camp. See you all again soon!

If you are interested in Friends of the World English Holiday Camp and would like to find out whether we are visiting your area in 2011/2012 please get in touch.

MasterHand International Fine Arts

An exciting programme has been taking shape over the past two years, combining elements of fine art from around the world. The MasterHand International Arts Programme, which makes its debut in 2011, will focus on prolific international artists and encourage primary students to gain an appreciation of different fine art techniques.

From French Impressionism to Vietnamese Folk Arts, and Australian Aboriginal Art to Iconic Sculpture, students will have a chance to explore and express themselves in both two and three dimensional mediums and gain knowledge about the very best and most influential art forms around the world.

Predicted to be The Hit of 2011. Find out how your child could be part of this new MasterHand arts phenomenon.

Graduation & Emcee Services

MasterHand Kinderplay Graduation

The Masterhand Kinderplay experience would not be complete without a graduation ceremony!

Each year we always ensure that this event is hyped up and celebrated with the usual graduation hats and photo taking. Children will receive certificates, and a photo CD of their work during the Kinderplay programme and family members will be invited for picture taking.

Please RSVP your attendance to the next Kinderplay Graduation.

Bilingual Emcee Package

MasterHand is delighted to provide clients with a Bilingual Emcee Package to host important annual events and graduation ceremonies. Teacher Yuki (native Chinese teacher) and Teacher James (native UK) are available for a dynamic duo and will gladly tailor their speeches for your event.

Call in today for a quote.
Charges are based on number of rehearsals.