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"The future of our nation depends upon our ability to create and be creative. During the coming decades our most valuable national asset will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today's schools need to develop creative leaders."

- The American Association of School Administrators.

The MasterHand English Department offers a wide range of specialised enrichment workshops and integrated language programmes from Preschool to adults and teacher training, tailored to meet the needs of students and schools in Singapore and overseas.

Our programmes are conducted throughout the year during school terms and holidays. While our workshops differ in their focus in areas such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking; the central aim of our department is to help the learner master English Language progressively. Students will work through multiple application channels and in turn learn to write effectively and communicate with expression and confidence.

Teachers and specialist instructors are trained in the international standard of English speaking and have unique skills in teaching through drama, music, creative arts, puppetry, and dramatic literature. Such innovative and exploratory teaching methods ensure highly interactive and dynamic lessons.

For further details about our programmes, regarding availability, prices and syllabus please fill out the enquiry form on the contact us page and our consultants will be in touch with you directly.

MasterHand Integrated Phonics Programme

(For N1 - P1/ Duration: -1 Year)

Learning through phonics is a crucial life-long skill for English language acquisition.

This integrated programme equips the learner with skills to be fluent readers and confident communicators of English Language. Our one year programme is carefully structured, providing a system of review and repetition in phonics sounds and an effective application model whereby students learn to apply phonics in textual, expressive and tonal situations. The course will move from articulation of oral phonics sounds, to application in storybook reading and finally expression through dramatic literature.

Through our integrated approach, the learner has a better awareness of the world, understands the distinction of reading appropriately in different situations, and has a polished knowledge of the language read. Hence, becoming more independent and self-motivated and effective communicators.
(Instructor ratio 1: 10)

Phonics Programme Structure

Phonics Programme Levels

The Reading Club

(N1 - P3/ Duration: -1 Year)

MasterHand runs annual reading clubs for students from Preschool to Primary 3.

Our reading classes incorporate a mixture of learning techniques to suit the level and skills of each student. Lessons are fun, dynamic and focus on the oral application of phonics sounds and later progress to group and individual reading. The class sizes are kept small, so teachers can focus on student progress and cater to specific needs. Currently we have ongoing classes for Preschool, K1/K2 and Primary levels. Please note that students are recruited for a particular class, based on their reading level and not their age. To ensure the most suitable placement, we offer free student assessment, as well as a free one hour trial lesson prior to signing up.
(Instructor ratio - 1:6)

English Speech & Drama

(K1 - P6/ Duration :- 1 Year/ Term/ Holidays)

"Drama also spurs imagination, insight, reflection, and self-knowledge."
(Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills Bloomington IN.)

Ever wanted to be spoilt for choice?

MasterHand has that aim in mind when it comes to English Speech and Drama. We offer an array of thematic workshops for students of various levels from Nursery to Primary 6, which can be conducted as a year programme or can coincide with school terms or semesters. Take a peak at our portfolio posters and picture gallery below and enjoy a whirlwind tour of the English Speech and Drama team in a number of kindergartens and schools.

MasterHand English Speech and Drama is a fun-filled, multi-sensory adventure programme, developed through extensive teacher experimentation and collaboration over the past few years. Each programme incorporates a unique mixture of drama, puppetry, music and literary elements as well as art and craft reinforcement activities. In each session, students are transported into an imaginative literature -based setting through a dynamic engagement of their senses and a mature exploration of themes, plot and characterisation.

Individuals are encouraged to acquire teamwork and problem solving skills in a highly disciplined environment and to evaluate important moral issues in the world around them. A certificate of participation will be issued to those students who complete the course and master the drama skills and can be used by parents to help promote their child to top schools.
(Instructor ratio - 1:12)

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The MasterHand Oral Communication Workshop

(K2- Primary/ Duration:- 1 Semester)

This workshop is conducted following an English Speech and Drama Course and serves to teach students key skills in oral communication prior to an international assessment from City Guild or LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.)

Students will learn skills in 3 main areas: vocal variety, body language and audience management and will be coached by our instructors as they rehearse and recite poetry and verse. This programme also includes techniques for overcoming fear of public speaking and is highly recommended for students who require certificates to enter top primary/ secondary schools. We are in close contact with LAMDA examiners and will arrange the examination logistics for each batch of students.

Please note that exams take place in Singapore twice annually and examination fees are not included in this programme.

School Syllabus

(Duration:- 1 Year or Exam Revision Timetable)

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We provide preparatory English lessons for P1, creative writing and enrichment for lower and upper primary levels. Our P6 SPURT Programme prepares students to tackle the challenging PSLE papers. It focuses on improvement in comprehension, cloze passages, grammar usage, vocabulary, continuous writing and oral discussion. Lessons are made interesting and enjoyable through varied activities, personal discussions, and group study. Through these sessions, students will learn to articulate their ideas and express themselves sharply, economically and grammatically, which in term will inform their written expression.

Our experienced primary teachers will assess students overall abilities or weaknesses in English and concentrate on improving their grammar, punctuation and spelling and preparing them for their PSLE exams.


Our secondary English programmes predominantly focus on the major semestral and O-level examinations. Great emphasis is on improving grammer, paragraph construction and learning techniques to master challenging comprehension. Preparation for mid and end year examinations and for O-level paper 1 & 2 in comprehension and composition and is therefore closely related to the MOE syllabus. Literature analysis will be included in the programme to improve analytical, evaluation and persuasive writing. This will also be a stimulus for composition and creative writing.

Throughout the year, revision workshops, conducted by experienced English Language instructors or Ex-MOE teachers are available for secondary school students.
(1 on 1 coaching is available on request.)

Public Speaking

(Secondary & Adults/ Duration:- 1 Semester)

The fear of speaking out in public is something nearly all humans experience, even most experienced speakers will grapple with their nerves. Learning to overcome this anxiety and dealing with the challenges of communication in today's aggressive world is an underestimated need. This programme is one of the most hinted at and sought after, yet surprisingly very few individuals actually commit themselves to it. Solid communication is something that will improve the quality of your home, working and spiritual life. This programme concentrates on four main areas - Vocal Variety, Audience Management, Body Language and Content of Discussion. The programme begins by touching on phonics and phonetics in an effort to refine accurate pronunciation according to the International English Alphabet. It also incorporates drama techniques such as role play, improvisation and poetry to encourage the learner to practise speaking in live context environments. Furthermore, the programme will offer techniques for those hoping to master business English and presentation skills, debating, teaching and human management skills. Regardless of our working role today, if you have the time, sign up for our public speaking programme.

English Language Builder

(From N1 – P4/ Full-time Study)

The MasterHand English Language Builder programme is a full-time English Language syllabus for international preschools and primary schools Teaching English as a Foreign/ Second Language and can also be used for home schooling. Created by the MasterHand English department and through the collaboration of both Singaporean and international teachers, the syllabus features an integration of major English Language components such as Phonics, English Conversation, English Language, Reading & Writing and Speech & Drama.

This programme features 5 learning levels/ building blocks from Pre-foundation to Advanced English with a series of textbooks and workbooks per level.

  • Level 1: Pre-foundation A & B Series
  • Level 2: Foundation A & B Series
  • Level 3: Basic A & B Series
  • Level 4: Intermediate A & B Series
  • Level 5: Advanced Unit 1-4 Series

Each series also comes with a Teacher's Guidebook that outlines the key learning objectives for students at the various levels. Teacher training packages are available for schools to guide local teachers using the education materials and support open house event. For more information about the English Language Builder Series please click on the link below.

MasterHand I Love Music

(K1 – P6/ Duration:- 1 Year, 4 Terms)

MasterHand offers Music enrichment classes for students who require foundation skills or an introduction to instrument playing. Our workshops last for 4 terms throughout the academic year and are designed according to various abilities and needs of schools and students.

Full-time Ukulele programmes are available upon request.

The MasterHand I Love Music enrichment programme targets preschool and primary level students who are approaching Music for the first time and incorporates popular instruments which can be easily played and bought such as ukulele, drum, percussion instruments and keyboard. Our programme exposes students to key genres of music such as classical, street and pop and provides both theory and practical knowledge around each instrument and genre. Workshops feature an integration of teaching demonstration, practical exploration of instruments and music theory through flashcards, listening and worksheets, as well as opportunities for controlled performance. The programme culminates in an end of year assessment.

Aims of General Music Workshop

  • Build students motor skills through hands-on learning and instrument orientation
  • Gain a basic understanding of musical elements such as rhythm, pitch, form, timbre, tempo and dynamics.
  • Harness student's awareness and sensitivity to notes and musical beats
  • Learn to listen to music and interpret the musical elements of songs
  • Develop hand-eye coordination skills by playing a sequence or following a rhythm

Aims of Ukulele Workshop

Stage 1: Foundation Ukulele – K1
  • Navigate/ orientate a string instrument
  • Learn basic chord – C
  • Attempt strumming patterns using the thumb or the pick to pluck
  • Maintaining a rhythm or steady beat when strumming
  • Improve playing posture and hand-eye coordination
  • Learn to play a nursery rhyme using one chord

Stage 2: Intermediate Ukulele – K2-P3
  • Basic Chords – C, G, Am, F
  • How to tune the ukulele
  • Perfect their strumming patterns using their thumb or the pick to pluck
  • Learn to follow a beat when playing and strumming
  • Develop more precise playing posture and hand-eye coordination
  • Learn to play nursery rhymes using 2 Chords
  • Identify the key musical notes using a specific time signature
  • Learn the mathematical aspect of musical notes

MasterHand I Love Dance The Workshop

(K1 – S4 / Duration:- 1 Year, 4 Terms)

MasterHand provides dance programmes to schools to train students for performance on a stage. Our classes focus on ‘coordinated expression' through choreography and supervised performance analysis. Each dance workshop is run by a professional dance choreographer who has considerable knowledge and exposure in the local dance industry, as well as experience of preparing young performers for the stage.

Our one year programme covers four unique dance genres from a wide range of cultures such as Classical Dance from Latin America, American Street Dance, Bollywood Dance and K-Pop Dance. Each term focuses on a specific dance style and exposes students to influential artists. Students will learn to interpret different styles of music through controlled expression and will gain the confidence to perform infront of an audience.

Aims of the Dance Programme

  • Provide a platform for controlled self-expression
  • Develop body control skills and agility
  • Develop coordination and spatial awareness skills
  • Build self-confidence to perform in front of an audience
  • Gain stage awareness skills and musical interpretation through the body
  • Understand of timing and learn to execute moves
  • Master a dance choreography routine
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