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"MASTERHAND CHINESE" is designed using materials based on the Chinese language curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education, supplemented with children's literature written by renowned Asst Professor Woon Wee Lee of National Institute of Education. Our teaching method is a combination of the latest pedagogy adopted by Singapore and China, uniquely formulated to help local Chinese and non-Chinese pupils learn and master Chinese language in a systematic and effective way.

Our objectives

We aim to help learners of the Chinese language acquire the ability to listen, speak, read and write effectively. Our holistic approach in teaching will enable learners to find that learning Chinese is interesting and will be keen to pursue it enthusiastically and master it with proficiency.

Our Philosophy

Stimulate interest, Pursue proficiency, Active application

Our Teaching Force

All our teachers are qualified and professionally trained in Chinese Language approved by MOE. They possess many years of teaching experiences in Singapore and China and are effectively bilingual to conduct lessons for non-Chinese learners.

Unique Pedagogy

  • Our curriculum is closely to the objectives and contents governed by MOE.
  • It is learner-centered to suit the needs of local learners. We also believe that learning takes place when it promotes fun and creativity.
  • We use excellent literature to promote the young learners' imagination and appreciation of good writing.
  • We incorporate virtues such as self respect, self confidence, self-control, treasure oneself together with Chinese tradition and culture into the lessons.
  • We apply the concept of multiple-intelligence in our teaching to meet the different needs of our learners.
  • We are in partnership with many preschools and education centres in Singapore and have received positive feedback and commendation from their teachers and parents.








  • 所有教师皆经MOE 审核通过,拥有专业华文教育资格证书。
  • 在中国及新加坡拥有丰富教学经验(学前班至高中程度)。
  • 优秀的双语教师,为非华族学生提供"利用英文教学"的华文课程。


  • 与教育部所制定的教学目标,内容紧密结合。
  • 课程内容因地制宜,因材施教,寓教于乐,富有创造性,注重学生的创意思维。全面发展听、说、读、写的能力。
  • 以互动式、充满想像的儿童文学系列教材为提升教材。
  • 将自尊、自爱、自信及自律等思想及优良的华族传统文化融入课程。
  • 采用多元化的教学技巧,激发学生的最大潜能。
  • 本课程已在本地幼儿园及多个教育机构获得师生和家长们的欢迎。

Hanyu Pinyin

The Hanyu Pinyin Wonderland programme is designed according to the Hanyu Pinyin curriculum and requirements set out by MOE.

Our classes are highly interactive. Children learn Chinese through a variety of methods such as nursery songs and rhymes, interactive group activities and fun competitions; all of which help to motivate students and encourage them to act and speak with more confidence and clarity.

Throughout this programme, students will master the Hanyu Pinyin and later learn to read Chinese characters. Our step-by-step learning approach will help students improve their ability to read independently.



Chinese Speech & Drama

(For K1 to Primary 6)

Our Chinese Speech & Drama classes are conducted with interesting themes. Children are trained to express themselves through the senses, body movement and oral exercises.

Physical and oral training techniques help cultivate a keen sense of observation, imagination and creativity. Teachers will also encourage learners to apply sentences to real life situations so students can communicate and cooperate with others, both inside the classroom and in their daily life outside.

Through a progressive and dynamic method, Children will gain a greater appreciation and passion for Chinese language.



Chinese Classic

The Chinese 3 Character Classics

In this programme, we communicate moral values, Chinese culture and traditions of The Chinese 3-character classics to young learners through interesting story-telling sessions in a relaxed and happy environment. As these young learners recite and memorise the 3-character classics, they learn to recognise Chinese characters progressively.

Flash cards and interactive words games are used to enhance the learning experience and allow students to visualise the language during the programme.

Chinese Idioms Class

In this class, Chinese idioms are taught in a captivating and systematic syllabus. We integrate stories, pictures, objects, and interactive games to ensure that learning is interesting and practical. Students will apply Chinese idioms appropriately in composition writing to achieve higher marks.

Poetry of the Tang & Song Dynasty

The most prolific period of Chinese Classical Poetry was during the Tang and Song dynasties, where classical poetry integrated into almost all aspects of social and professional life.

This genre of literature was so impactful in Chinese culture that it remains influential today and is widely studied.

In our programme, teachers use a collection of major poems, songs and text from this genre, as a teaching apparatus to tutor students in Chinese Oral recitation work.

Flashcards, illustrations and worksheets as well as historical artifacts, sources and paintings are all used to engage students; stimulate new words and sentences and allow them to appreciate the language, culture and artistry of Chinese poetry during this period.

Those students who complete the entire programme, will have a broader understanding of the Chinese language and will likely develop a deeper passion for Chinese language education.







本课程通过对中国优美古诗词的学习和诵读,采用 识字,拼读、朗读、 组词等有趣的学习活动,提高儿童 学习华文的积极性并增强儿童的华文文学修养。

Integrated Chinese Character

In a carefully structured and progressive learning programme, students will master Chinese characters through the visual relationship between words and objects and symbols.

These important connections help the learner acquire a logical understanding of Chinese characters, which is effective in expanding vocabulary, stretching memory skills and developing penmanship. Through a fun and integrated approach, this programme will improve the child's visual understanding of the language and ability to read and write in Chinese and will thus provide a solid foundation for learning in kindergarten and primary Chinese education.




Integrated Chinese Arts

The curriculum for the MasterHand Integrated Chinese Arts programme is designed for children between the ages of 3-6 years and gives students a chance to discover and experience Chinese Arts through a variety of exciting mediums. The programme consists of 4 stages; Chinese stick drawing, pastel work, Chinese ink painting and Chinese calligraphy.

This course aims to:

  • Develop children's cognitive skills and artistic potential
  • Expand their perception and knowledge of Chinese arts
  • Refine sketching skills
  • Improve expressiveness in Chinese character art
  • Visualise a connection between Chinese art and Chinese characters


幼儿艺术综合课程 是专门为3-6岁学龄前儿童开发的一门综合性艺术活动。

本课程由四个阶段组成(简笔画-蜡笔画-水墨画-毛笔字) ,每个阶段 将呈现不同的艺术形态。每种艺术形态将带领幼儿感受不同的认知领域。


The Read & Write Programme

(For K1 & K2 kids)

Our Chinese Read & Write Programme is based on a series of selected children's reading materials and carefully designed worksheets. Using a theme and activity-based approach, pupils will also master basic strokes of writing and counts of strokes, preparing them for P1 Chinese Education.

Our worksheets are based on a series of selected children's reading materials and are carefully designed to suit the needs of young children. By the end of K2, pupils will master 400 Chinese characters and will be able to compose simple oral sentences with greater fluently and confidence.




Conversational Chinese For Non Chinese Speaking Children

In our Conversational Chinese programme we use a series of specially designed materials for non-Chinese children and a variety of interesting methods and activities to make learning to speak Chinese language practical and fun.

The learner will be able to accumulate a large bank of vocabulary to communicate with others quickly, laying a strong foundation for further learning. Later in the year, there will be opportunities for students to join an immersion programme in China where they will have a chance to speak with local Chinese children.

Adult Conversational Mandarin – Foundation Course

Our programme aims to help working adults converse and socialize confidently in Mandarin in various situations.

We use a series of materials and a carefully structured conversational-based curriculum which makes Mandarin functional and practical for daily use at the home and at the work place.

Role play, question and answer and various inter-group activities are integrated in sessions to allow the learner to practice their conversational skills in a situational/ life context.

In addition, teachers will make some reference to the written Chinese characters, so that the learner can make important visual connections between words and pictures and thus foster a logical understanding of the language. These are key ingredients which help to lay a firm learning foundation in conversational Mandarin; paving the way for mastery of the language later on.



本课程采用系列非华族成人教材《快乐学华语》、《老外在中国》、《商业华语》等,结合生活和工作实际需求,利用"功能交际法" 帮助学生熟练掌握汉语发音的基本知识和基本技能,巩固强化记忆,突破语音和时态难关,扫清语言障碍,提高发音质量和综合素质。以达到自信地运用华语的目的。

Chinese Language Tuition for Primary and Secondary level

We have daily Chinese tuition for primary and secondary students at our centre, which is run in accordance to the MOE curriculum.

Our teaching materials are appropriately designed to meet different learning abilities and experienced native tutors are present to ensure quality Chinese enrichment as well as bilingual support.

Those students who are signed up for Chinese tuition services, will gain confidence in both speaking and writing and will be adequately prepared to achieve better results in the major examinations.



Overseas Immersion

To promote learning and a practical application of Chinese Language beyond textbooks and the boundary of classrooms, we actively organise learning journeys to Chinese speaking countries such as the PRC and Taiwan.

There is a great opportunity here for pupils and their parents to discover more about the history and culture of these countries and to improve their grasp of the language.

During the trip, our pupils will have first-hand experience of attending lessons and participating in various immersion activities together with pupils from local Chinese schools.